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Our Process

Our First Step is Getting to Know You! 

Partnering with NocNoc means you’re never caught flat-footed in the middle of the night.

We take the time up front to get to know you, your skill sets, and your infrastructure so we can do our best work no matter the distance or timezone.

In addition to tracking jobs, contacts, and conversation, our custom-built web application builds a profile of your infrastructure footprint that includes detailed information about each of your facilities, as well as diagrams and photos of your rack layouts and specific infrastructure.

Our Special Sauce

NocNoc works with local technicians to define service tiers based on their skill sets, making it easy for the clients to choose and combine for desired support level.

Most of the time, you just simply need some quick onsite help. Our itemized service features will help you save time from writing request details and get someone onsite quickly.

Fewer steps to request for remote help, less confusions and mistakes to work with technicians on supporting, maintaining and documenting your infrastructure. You can also use our App as your facility information wiki page and NocNoc technicians will help you to keep it always accurate.

Frequently, you lose track of your inventory items and equipment information. NocNoc offers recurring services to keep your records up to date.

No more multiple email threads, no more yelling on the phone. All remote jobs are done in our specialized application from creating -> processing -> closing a job. We help clients and technicians to stay focused and collaborate.

Our Techs

Ain’t nothing good without great people. That’s why we search out the best, most experienced, and most trustworthy techs in the industry.

  • Standardized toolkit & procedures to be sure jobs can be done quickly and properly.
  • Classified skill set to help set the right expectations.
  • We validate and store access permissions to smooth the way.
  • Regular reviews help everyone stay on the same page.

Trusted by

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